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Correct proportional imbalances and increase the size of your buttocks with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Westmount & Greater Montreal.

11Brazilian Butt Lift in Montreal.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL surgery in Montreal


A Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL (also known as a buttock augmentation) is a procedure where fat is harvested from areas of the body where you have excess (such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, upper back) and transferred to the buttock to achieve a curved silhouette.

A BBL provides a double benefit to areas with excess fat that may bother a patient while also providing enhancement to the roundness of the buttocks as well as projection and size. Each patient has their own beauty ideals, and these will be discussed in consultation to ensure you achieve the body contours you are after.


Who is a BBL candidate?

Is Brazilian butt lift surgery an option for you?


Your plastic surgeon will give you an honest assessment and let you know if you are a good candidate for brazilian butt lift surgery, but in general you should be in good overall health with no medical conditions that can impair healing, must be a nonsmoker or willing to quit smoking, and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with a BBL.  

You may be a good candidate if you are unhappy with the size of your buttocks (too small or flat), your buttocks are asymmetrical, or you are dissatisfied with the roundness of your buttocks.


Brazilian butt lift risks

Know the risks of BBL surgery


Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with BBL surgery. These can include bleeding, scarring, infection, fluid accumulation (seroma) change in skin sensation, poor wound healing, revision surgery, persistent pain, or asymmetry.

Fluctuations in weight can affect the results of your BBL surgery; while your results can be long-lasting, this is also dependent on a lifestyle and commitment to maintaining a stable weight.

It is common for up to 40% of the fat transferred to the buttocks to be reabsorbed by the body.


What to expect for BBL recovery

It is our goal at Dr Arash Izadpanah clinic to ensure that your entire experience from the initial consultation to your recovery is as positive and comfortable as possible. Your plastic surgeon and surgical coordinator will go over your post-operative instructions and recovery with you as it is essential for your brazilian butt lift results that you follow care instructions. 

You will need to wear compression garments to help with swelling and to compress the skin to help the body adapt to its new contours, fluid retention and assist the healing process. 

First 24 hours: Have someone in place to pick you up from your surgery and  care for you at home

Compression garment: 4-6 weeks

Back to work: 1-2 weeks. You will not be able to sit normally for 2 weeks after surgery. 

Exercise: Light exercise after 4-6 weeks (light cardio-walking/treadmill), Heavier exercise (such as weights) after 2-3 months

Final results: 3-6 months 


Our office is always available for questions via email or text message should more questions arise.

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Dr Arash Izadpanah is one of the best Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons in Montreal. He will work closely with you to help you achieve your ideal results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with Dr Arash Izadpanah

What to expect when having a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with Dr Izadpanah?

Prior to booking your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery with Dr Izadpanah, you will have a consultation with him at the location that is most convenient to you (please contact his office to find out where).

If you are unable to meet Dr Izadpanah in person, you may request a Skype or Facetime consultation.

Dr Izadpanah will collaborate closely with you to determine the best plan of action for you. You will go over the risks and recovery together, as well as what your desired result is. It is extremely important to Dr Izadpanah that you make informed choices, and that you are on the same page regarding outcome expectations.

Only you can decide what your version of a beauty ideal is, so Dr Izadpanah will discuss this with you so that you will be happy with your Brazilian Butt Lift. You are encouraged to bring in photos of what you are expecting so that it can be discussed, as well as a list of questions and/or concerns to your appointment.

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