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The hand is one of the most complex features of the human body. When one or more components of the hand do not function properly, or the hand looks abnormal in some way, the consequences can affect nearly every area of your life. Causes of hand issues can include congenital defects, injuries and trauma to the hand. Even daily use can take its toll. No matter what the reason for the problem, correction can improve both function and appearance.


Dr. Arash Izadpanah is passionate about hand surgery and has made it a focus of his practice. He has undertaken additional fellowship training in this area and performs all types of reconstructive hand surgery to restore hand function and appearance. Offering the latest treatments and techniques, Dr. Arash is qualified to address a wide range of hand conditions and injuries.

Hand Surgery Procedures

Dr Arash Izadpanah offers a range of treatments, including surgical correction, for the following hand concerns:


Syndrome du canal carpien

A condition in which pressure is placed on the main nerve that leads to the hand.

Arthritis (Wrist, Fingers & Hand)

Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are debilitating conditions that can lead to severe pain and disfigurement.

Doigt de gâchette

This condition is characterised by clicking or popping in the finger joint when the finger is bent or straightened.

Dupuytren contracture

While painless in most cases, Dupuytren’s contracture can be debilitating, rendering fingers and even the entire hand unable to perform even simple daily tasks.

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