What is a non-surgical BBL?

A non-surgical BBL is performed using hyaluronic acid fillers, like the ones you would put in your face.

What is a non-surgical butt lift (or non-surgical BBL)? 

You may have heard of a non-surgical BBL but what does this mean? If you are not familiar with the term BBL, this stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a surgical procedure to enhance and sculpt the shape and size of the buttocks. So what is a non-surgical BBL, or sometimes known as butt fillers?  You can probably guess now that this is another procedure with the goal of enhancing and sculpting the buttocks, but without surgery. 

11What is a non-surgical BBL?

Why choose a non-surgical BBL instead of a regular BBL? 

A non-surgical BBL is performed using hyaluronic acid fillers, like the ones you would put in your face. The difference is that we are using a higher volume of filler in comparison to when we add filler to the face, since we are working across a larger area (the buttocks, hips or thighs). 

Usually fillers for the face come in 1cc syringes, but fillers used for a non-surgical BBL come in 10cc syringes. This extra volume of product is used to give you extra volume to sculpt, shape and lift the buttocks where you want to. In some cases, patients like to fill in and sculpt hip-dips as well. 


Who is a good candidate for a non-surgical butt lift? 

A non-surgical BBL is a great procedure for patients that are healthy, at a stable weight and at  a healthy BMI. This may be someone who takes good care of their body and does not have enough fat to perform a fat transfer (a surgical BBL), or cannot reach the desired shape they are looking for with working out. 

The non-surgical butt lift is also a great option for someone who is not ready to or not interested in the downtime required for a surgical BBL, they may prefer not to go under general anesthesia, or they may want to get an idea of what kind of results they may get without the permanence of surgery. 


What kind of results can I expect with a non-surgical BBL? 

Of course there are limitations to the results you can expect with butt fillers. We do not intend to inject patients with 1000cc of fillers; this is not safe (and not cost effective!). 

On average, most patients will use around six to eight syringes to achieve the desired look. 

A non-surgical butt lift will not provide the more pronounced results available with a surgical butt lift. However, you can still sculpt and lift the buttocks as well as fill hip dips on the sides of the hips to give a rounder, more lifted look by adding volume using fillers. 


What are some advantages to choosing a non-surgical butt lift? 

There are a few reasons some may choose the non-surgical route. The main advantage to choosing non-surgical butt fillers is that there is no downtime like there would after a major surgery. A non-surgical butt lift will have no downtime and you will be able to sit down on your butt right away! Results are also immediate. In comparison, a surgical BBL will have 2 weeks of no sitting on the bum and final results will take 3 months. Someone may also choose this route if they prefer not to have a major surgery using general anesthesia; there is only local anesthesia with a non-surgical BBL. 

Butt filler results are not permanent, they will last around 2-3 years but for some this is a positive. Another major reason some choose a non-surgical BBL is that they do not have enough fat on their body to perform a fat transfer for a surgical BBL. This is a great way to achieve results if they are not able to or do not want to gain the weight required for the surgical option. 


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